Dinner & Ticket Info

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Play With Your Food strives to give you a great show with an amazing dinner! Tickets include pre show entertainment during which a three course dinner will be served. After dinner, enjoy a captivating production of a comedic play followed by dessert and coffee.

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Upcoming Shows

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Play With Your Food produces three shows a season. Shows are done in October, January, and March. Each show is carefully picked to be enjoyed by our new and returning audience members.

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Musical Entertainment

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Are you having a special occasion or event that could use some entertainment? Perhaps a lounge singer to gently serenade your guests? An evening of folk songs by your favorite artists? An Elvis Impersonator to get your crowd ROCKING and ROLLING?

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Customer Reviews


My boyfriend and I drove out from Orange County to see this production and it was DEFINITELY worth the drive!! We were warmly greeted when we walked in the door and immediately shown to our seats. The director even came to greet us and chat with us as he did with the other guests. We loved the intimate and cozy atmosphere of this venue. The actors in this production were of Broadway caliber and the show was absolutely hysterical. The director did a fantastic job directing this production. This is one of Hemet's HIDDEN GEMS. We look forward to seeing future productions at Play With Your Food!!

If you have never been here to watch a show you must do it! What is a fun filled time with good food and good laughs! We will definitely be back.

Have been to this dinner play production several times in the past and enjoyed the evening every time. Got together with 8 friends and family for this great night. Came from Buckeye AZ and Orange County. Hope to do the trip again for the next dinner play. Loved every minute.

This is awesome!! What an honor to have the personal feel and atmosphere of a small theater with the wonderful talents of a New York level cast makes this a one of a kind dinner theater in our area. The great gourmet food with your choice of meat, chicken or salmon, vegie's and desert. This is Hemets best hidden treasure, only it is to good not to share. Hemets local, talented, mastermind Michael Tennant runs a superb show week in and week out. We will definitely be back for more!!

I drive an hour to come see Play with Your Food productions because it's worth it! First you walk in and you're greeted with a smile as you're shown to your table. You sit down with your group and enjoy dinner as a live singer sings classic songs. It reminds me of New York or Chicago. You eat then the show starts. Desert is served at intermission. After the show the actors come out and greet you which I especially love! Nowhere else do you get such value for the money. Always a great show! Always a great night out!!

Michael Tennant puts so much care into each of his shows. And he casts them with the most talented local actors. I laugh so freaking much when I go to any PWYF Production, and I highly recommend that you check the next play or show that their team puts on. Play With Your Foods is seriously creating some of the best art in the region. This is a company worth supporting with your attention and your dollars.

I live in Orange County and have been to a number of plays by Play With Your Food. The plays are always hilarious and the food is excellent. Let me say that again, the food is EXCELLENT. I love that they not only entertain you but they feed you with top quality food, all at a bargain price. Also, the theater is a small, intimate venue and the service is warm and personal. I drive an hour and half to see these plays and it's work every minute I sit in traffic. Go see these guys. You'll have a blast and be glad you went.

I am thrilled to give Play With Your Food Productions a 5-star review. Every performance I have attended (and there are a lot of them!) has been excellent. The actors are very talented, the venue is intimate, the food is delicious, and the pre-show entertainment is always fantastic. Local theatre productions are an important part of our area culture and definitely something that everyone in Hemet should experience as well as support our local actors.

This place is great! Even just the name of it lets you know how fun it'll be. Michael Tennant always know how to entertain people in just the right way with just the perfect balance. Keep up the great work, guys!!!

This dinner theater is the best !The food rocks and I'm an obnoxiously picky eater, so that's saying something. My husband and I went for a date night - we laughed so hard I think I almost wet myself. Loved it and can't wait for the next one. We live about an hour away - definitely worth the drive. Thanks you guys for being so awesome!

I love what Michael has done with PWYF Productions. Always top notch performers in the shows and food never disappoints. I love that we have this cultural gem in our small town. More people should know about it!

Michael Tennant has made me laugh more times than I can count. His creativity knows no bounds. Come watch a show and let yourself leave your stress at the door! Good times await.

Great Plays! I love seeing all the humor this theater puts out! Go see them you will have a great time!

Wonderful food and great performance!! Loved the intimate feel of the theater. So much fun!!

Just saw the latest show at PWYF and it was a blast! Farce, murder mystery, expose, romance all rolled in one. The acting was terrific and the writing was outstanding. Highly recommended!

"Bad Medicine" was one of Michael Tennant's best shows by far! I have been a loyal patron of Play With Your Food Hemet and have enjoyed many shows there. Bad Medicine was hilarious, touching, witty & mysterious! I laughed, held back & tear & contemplated. Great theater experience! And as always the food & service was impeccable.

Absolutely FABULOUS show at Play With Your Food tonight!!!! Stellar show, script and acting!!! You are so incredibly talented!!! Amazingly awesome job cast!

"Bad Medicine" was an extraordinary play that I had the pleasure of seeing. Michael Tennant was hilarious and deserves an award for best writer/actor of the valley.

It was fantastic! It started off funny, and kept getting funnier all the way to the climax. It fit in today so much with the pharmaceuticals..this is a must-see!

I thought the entire cast was hilarious, had great chemistry, and did a great job at bringing these bold characters to life. I would particularly like to commend Shenn Sellers, who portrayed Cleatus, a French detective hired by Ackley. I thought that his portrayal of this hilarious character was equally hilarious and bold. I would also like to commend Monica Reichl for her portrayal of Dr. Julia, especially towards the end when it is revealed she is a superfan infatuated with Ackley and his works; I felt that she effectively conveyed this loony, obsessed fan. And, of course, I would like to commend Mr. Tennant for his portrayal of Ackley Hornsby. Such a specific and outrageous character is definitely difficult to bring to life, yet Mr. Tennant did so so vividly and effectively. I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of such a dorky, weird character and thought it was hilarious.

I saw "Bad Medicine" at Play With Your Food last night. It was written by Michael Tennant, who also played the lead. Every actor was perfectly cast. The play is one of the best and brilliantly written. Surprise after surprise and great ending. If you are able, go see it. Seats available next weekend.

Bad Medicine was excellent! What a fantastic play! Our group had a wonderful time...even comments of "it's the best one I've seen so far and the food was fantastic". It truly was exceptional...job well done!

Incredibly funny play we saw on Sunday. Lots of laughs and the lines were delivered perfectly. The food is always excellent as well.

Had an so much fun with co-workers at Play with Your Food last night! Michael Tennant Keep writing shows, you are too good at it! Best show yet!

I did not expect to see such a high quality production in Hemet. I saw "Bad Medicine" which was a hilarious romp through the misadventures and tribulations of a famous suspense writer. The laughs came non-stop, as the plot was wonderfully constructed and the physical comedy and dialogue were top-notch. Kudos to Michael Tennant (who also directed and performed in the play) for his brilliant writing; he had the entire audience laughing and gasping for breath. I was also impressed with the casting of the play. Although the cast only included five actors, each was well chosen for their part and performed admirably. The set design and lighting was also instrumental in crafting an amazing viewer experience. I had to remind myself more than once that I was in Hemet and not in a LA playhouse or off-Broadway somewhere. The play by itself was worth the admission price of $40, but they also serve a 3-course meal with the show. Also included was a phenomenal singer who serenaded the crowd with jazz songs before the show started. Frankly, the play itself was worth the $40, throwing in a meal and some great music makes it a deal that is difficult to pass up. If you're in Hemet or a nearby city (I drove 30 minutes to check it out), I highly suggest you give Play With Your Food a chance, it's good fun and a great way to spend an evening.

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